HexCodeForAwesomeFontChar Guidelines

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On my web you can search for awesome font icons ans get values, which then simply insert to property Text, Content eg. of WPF Controls. This was done specifically for windows store/universal apps, because I did not find the library or custom solutions how to simply insert in xaml awesome icons to controls. The procedure during work is the following:

1) Obtained Awesome Fonts Files

I thought that the Nuget will package the project universal windows apps adds the font files. The first time I tried //www.nuget.org/packages/FontAwesome/ because I already used both in asp.net and in the classic wpf application. At that, it looks now as follows:

Classic WPF App with Awesome Font Files
For WPF app is necessary *.ttf/.otf with build action Resource.

For UWP is needed *.otf with build action Content.

2) Write XAML Code:

3) Write C# code to assign icon to UI element, icon code you get from my developer website

For Classic WPF apps:

For UWP:

4) Happy programmer, happy user
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